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              The 'Miracle' stories advocated by Falun Gong
              Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报 China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-13


               Chapter 1 Various "Miracles" Made up by Falun Gong
              1.1 Li Hongzhi apotheosizes himself and Falun Gong 
              1.2 Falun Gong can surely cure all diseases

              1.3 Falun Gong can keep you safe and sound

              1.4 Falun Gong omnipotent  
              1.5 Rejuvenation 
              1.6 Cursing people and organizations in disapproval of Falun Gong

              Chapter 2 Why Falun Gong Crazy about Making up "Miracles"
              2.1 Features of Falun Gong "miracles"
              2.2. Falun Gong's intention for advocating absurd "miracles"


              Among Falun Gong cultivators many supernatural stories are widespread, e.g. Li Hongzhi, the intiator of Falun Gong, once stroke a humpbacked man five times on the back to make him straightened, and a cultivator recovered from the end-stage uremia by meditating the scriptures... These stories seem absurd and incredible in the eye of ordinary people, but Falun Gong addicts make no doubt and regard them as "miracles."


              Falun Gong has made up these "miracles" mainly for two purposes: first, it is the important means for Li Hongzhi to implement spiritual control cultivators. Li Hongzhi would like the Falun Gong practitioners to worship on him and his cult through disseminating these miraculous stories; second, he also uses these to menace and threat the people who disapprove of Falun Gong and have doubt to it.


              There are two main types of the story makers: the first one is Li Hongzhi himself, he intending to show his omnipotence as Falun Gong initiator; the second one is Falun Gong members, they do it for showing their practice of Falun Gong has been up to a high level.


              There are two main transmission channels of these stories: the senior channel includes Li Hongzhi's "scriptures" and Minghui[1]; the junior one is the Fa meetings held by Falun Gong members.


              Chapter 1 Various "Miracles" Made up by Falun Gong


              1.1 Li Hongzhi apotheosizes himself and Falun Gong


              1.1.1 He acquired the superior Dafa at age 8, with great theurgy including telekinesis, freezing objects, thinking control and invisible skill


              Source: Personal resume and Ana Zhuan Falun of Li Hongzhi


              In 1993, Li Hongzhi claimed in his personal resume: "I was born in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province on May 13, 1951, my parents were both doctors. When I was a child, Buddhist Master Dajue gave me instructions for the initial approach to become a Buddhist believer. My self cultivation came to a satisfactory end when I was eight years old.... At the age of 12, Taoist Master Baji Zhenren found me, and taught me Taoist practices...In 1972, I received Taoist instruction from Master Zhendaozi...In 1974, I received training in Buddhist methods of self cultivation until I entered public life."[2]




              In the Brief Biography of Mr. Li Hongzhi, China's Falun Gong Intiator, President of Falun Gong Research Society, an Annex to Zhuan Falun published in December 1994, Li Hongzhi was introduced as follows:


              Li Hongzhi acquired superior Dafa at age 8 with great theurgy, when playing hide-and-seek with little friends, as long as he was thinking "let nobody see me" then no one could find him, even shone by flashlight at his face. He could easily dig out a long, rusty and crooked spike in wood by finger. In winter, the water pipes were frozen, when he hooked the pipes by hand, they would be curved. Even he didn't know the reason. When he was playing with little friends in snow, he would jump into the sky when running and jumping. If two kids were going to fight, as long as he took it in mind that one of them didn't go through, it came to ture. When he studied in his fourth grade, one day he forgot to take the bag after school, then he returned to fetch the bag, but the classroom door was locked and windows were closed, then an idea occurred to his mind that if only he could come in, and then suddenly he found he was in the classroom. He thought it again, and came out, even he himself also found it very magical. Once he wondered what it would feel like by staying among the glasses. As he thought, he was amist a window, at once he felt his head teemed with fragment of glass. "It was terrible, I'd better go out." As he thought, he went out again. At that time he didn't know what function it was and took it for granted that everyone could be the same so that he didn't take it in mind.[3]


              "Now supernatural power of Mr. Li has reached very high level, some of them are unimaginable and unintelligibly to ordinary people. One evening in July 1990, he and several disciples were practicing at a courtyard in Beijing. Soon black clouds filled the sky, followed by lighting flashed and thunder rolled, just like overhead. Disciples lost their calmness somewhat. According to most requirements for practicing, such weather was improper. But they saw the Master was crossing legs and sitting on a big stone as stable as a mountain, without a little meaning of waver or retreat. Disciples followed and continued to practice, it was strange although the black clouds were stronger and lower, thunder was rolling in the sky one by one it didn't rain. After the practicing, the master calmly told his disciples: "It wouldn't rain in half an hour. You could be relieved to go home." As a disciple lived in Xicheng District, it would take him half an hour to go home. When he just stepped into the door of his home, it began to rain cats and dogs if heavens dripped. There are a lot of supernatural stories about Mr. Li Hongzhi, which are unbelievable to ordinary people, and we would not narrate more in this text.


              "After dozens of years of hard cultivation, Mr. Li Hongzhi not only reaches very high level of Gong, what's more important is he sees the truth of universe, more and nicer existence in universe, and sees the origin, evolution and future of human being."[4]





              Note: According to investigation of Chinese police, Li Hongzhi's actual date of birth is July 7, 1952, and May 13, 1951 was the birthday of Buddha Sakyamuni. Li Hongzhi changed his birthday as same as Buddha in order to tell people he was Buddha too. Li Hongzhi takes advantage of Buddhism's doctrine transmigration for self-deification.[5]


              1.1.2 Battling with a snake monster from Ming Dynasty


              Source: Zhuan Falun


              For example, for the first time I went to Guizhou to teach Gong, when I was teaching a class, a person came, saying his Shiye (The Master's Master) would like to see me, and his Shiye was so-and-so who had practiced for many, many years. I saw this man had strong Yin Qi, very bad, and his face looked sallow. I said that I would not see him, I had no time, and I declined. As a result, the old man was unhappy and began to make trouble and bothered me every day. I'd not like to fight with him, and it wasn't worth fighting with him. I cleared up the bad things he brought to me, and imparted my Fa after clearing.


              In the history there was a Dao practitioners in Ming dynasty, which was possessed by snake, later he was died without success, and the snake possessed his body and cultivated into a human shape. The Master's Master of that man was the human shape of the snake. It again transformed to a big snake to bother me due to his true nature. I saw it was so monkeyish, I grasped it in one hand and use very strong Gong called Dissolving Gong and dissolved its lower half of body into water, and its upper half of body ran away.


              One day, his Tusun (the disciple's disciple) visited the head of Guizhou assistance center saying his Shiye would like to see her. She went, and when she entered the hole, it was dark and she was out of sight but a shadow sitting there with eyes shining green light, and it lit up when he opened his eyeholes, when he closed eyeholes, it was dark. He spoke a jargon: "Li Hongzhi would come again, this time we would not do that thing. I'm wrong, Li Hongzhi come to save people." His Tusun asked: "Shiye, please stand up, what's wrong of your legs?" He said, "I can't stand up, my legs get injured." Then he was asked how he was injured. He began to tell the course he bothered me. In 1993 Beijing Oriental Health Expo he made trouble again. Because he always did wicked things, and infringed me from imparting Dafa, I destroyed him completely.[6]


              1.1.3 Straightening a humpback with five spanks


              Source: On June 21, 1992, a report made by Li Hongzhi in Beijing Construction Material Auditorium


              Li Hongzhi said that once when he was making a report, a humpbacked person who was like carrying a big bundle came and asked for treatment. He said he was aching. "I thought I could not leave him alone. So I said let's hold up and I checked him. I spanked him five times and then I pressed the humpback strengthened at once."[7]


              1.1.4 Binding and cleaving the Buddha


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Fa-teaching


              In 1994, Li Hongzhi went to Guizhou Province to teach the Fa, the organizer told him the audience generally responded that they felt nothing for the Qi was weak. Li Hongzhi said in a towering rage that, "I have treated good to Buddha, but he didn't help me in critical moment, I will bind the Buddha and clove him."[8]


              1.1.5 Delaying the earth explosion time


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Fa-teaching


              Song Bingchen, Li Hongzhi's partner of Falun Gong in early stage, said: "Li Hongzhi said: the earth is about to explode, the explosion before the last time was determined by my Shiye (the master's master), the last explosion was determined by my master, and the next explosion is determined by me. All people on scene heard it. He said that the next explosion was originally determined to take place in 1999, now it might be brought forward to 1997, he said: It's me who determined the next earth explosion, Jiang Zemin and Li Peng[9] found me and let me postpone. Li said he would postpone it to 30 years later if he try with little effort."[10]


              1.1.6 Falun Gong has an ability called Great Soul-Catching Method


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Zhuan Falun


              We have another ability that used to be called the Great Soul-Catching Method, and that ability is even more powerful. It can pull out a person's whole master soul, and instantly that person won't be able to move. That ability targets specific things, and when we grabbed we specifically aimed at those things. You know how that Tathagata Buddha aimed the bowl in his hand at Monkey King, right, and you know how big he is, and still it shrunk him instantly. That's what the ability can do. It doesn't matter how large or how small the being is, in one fell swoop it's caught in the hand, and right away it turns tiny.[11]


              1.1.7 I have left man a ladder up to heaven


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Lecture in Sydney


              I have done something nobody did in the past, and I have opened a big door. I have done something even greater. That is, I have made public all the principles of cultivation practice as well as the elements for completing cultivation. In addition, I have talked about it very systematically. This is why the gods at very high levels have said, "You have left man a ladder to heaven - Zhuan Falun."[12]


              1.1.8 I have numerous Law Bodies with the same power of Fa like that of a Buddha


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Lecture in Sydney


              I have numerous Fashen (Law Bodies) who look the same as me. They are in another dimension, so of course they can become large or small. They can become very large or very small. Their wisdom is completely opened with the same power of Fa like that of a Buddha. The main body is here with me, and they have the ability to do things independently. They will look after you, protect you, help you transform Gong, and do certain things. In fact, they are the embodiment of my wisdom. Therefore, I am able to safeguard you...The majority of my Fashen is wearing the Buddha's robes with blue hair, the curly blue hair. It is very blue, bright jade blue.


              Many people with very good inborn qualities can see that every word in this book (Zhuan Falun) is a Falun. Because dimensions are different, upon looking further into deeper dimensions, every word is my Fashen, who are all the image of a Buddha. Every component of each word is also an individual Buddha.[13]


              1.1.9 The grains of sand contain black-skinned, white-skinned and yellow-skinned people


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Teaching the Fa in San Francisco


              Let me tell you more explicitly today: The sand's outer shell - the skin - and the outer shells of the particles at each layer, which make up the grains of sand, are in the same system as our material dimension on this side. Many, many lives within the particles of different sizes composed of molecules have exactly the same shape and form as our humankind. In other words, the people inside grains of sand are exactly the same as us humans - there are black-skinned people, white-skinned people, and yellow-skinned people. And in the future you'll find it odd that their clothing isn't too much different from that of our ancient people.[14]


              1.1.10 A person who cultivate to an extremely high level will appear an eye that's like a compound eye


              Source: Zhuan Falun


              When a person gets to an extremely high level, after he's gone beyond Triple-World-Law cultivation, an eye that's like a compound eye appears. To be more specific, a large eye develops over the whole top half of his face, and there are countless small eyes in it. Some Great Enlightened Beings at really high levels have cultivated an incredible number of eyes, and they're all over their faces. All of their eyes see out of that one large eye, they can see whatever they want to, and when they look they see all levels at once. Nowadays zoologists and entomologists study flies. They've seen that a fly's eyes are big, and that under a microscope they have countless small eyes in them. They call that a compound eye. When you get to a really high level that cultivation state might appear, but you have to be way higher than a Tathagata to have that happen.[15]


              1.1.11 One who is consummated can fly to the sky and hold the earth in the palm with no effort at all


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe


              Yet I also want to bring humankind a magnificent scene at the time of your Consummation. My thought is this: Have all Dafa disciples, regardless of whether they need bodies or not, elevate their bodies into the sky and then fly away; those who don't need bodies will have their bodies go through Light-Transformation in the air. This will create a glory that's never existed before in history, leaving human beings a profound lesson...If you succeed in cultivating into a great god or a great Buddha, will you be capable of doing that? You will be more than capable. You will be able to hold the earth in your palm with no effort at all, let alone save your family members.[16]


              1.1.12 Aliens will control the earth, and only those people who practice Falun Gong can escape from being controlled


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland


              Everyone who knows how to operate a computer has been registered (by alien beings). Of course, our students don't have this problem. Once you obtain the Fa, I clean up that layer of your body that's been occupied by them. They have formed a layer of their body within the human body. It's incredibly frightening! Everything people learn from elementary school right up through college is the science they brought, and everything that human beings use nowadays is the product of this omnipresent science. Why do the inspirations people get make computers and technology develop with such tremendous speed? It's done by that layer of the body that alien beings formed so as to control the human race. It's exactly because that system of their technology and science that has formed in the human body is making people's minds do so. Today it's incredible how developed computers are. But it is not a human technology. Man will be replaced by alien beings if it continues like this for long.[17]


              1.1.13 In the history people in all countries used to be born in China


              Source: Li Hongzhi's Touring North America to Teach the Fa


              All ethnicities in the world incarnated in China - and this includes persons in every country. Other than the large number of beings from higher realms that came after I began to teach the Fa in recent times, the people in each country incarnated in China at some point in history. No matter which country you're in, you were first Chinese on this earth, because your first incarnation was there. Having said this much, I need to tell you that the form and the inner meaning of China as a country actually don't exist. Are you shocked by what I just said? Actually, Chinese culture was left behind by all the world's people in different dynasties; and these people reincarnated in other regions after they formed a karmic relationship. For example, today's Americans were people of the Great Ming dynasty. Today's Americans like Daoism a lot and still demonstrate the values of that time. Back when Daoism reached its height of popularity in the Ming dynasty, in some cities almost every family had a crucible set up in the home. England was the Great Tang, France was the Great Qing, Italy was the Yuan, Australia was the Xia, Russia was the Zhou, Sweden was the Northern Song, Taiwan was the Southern Song, and Japan was the Sui. In those times, people from each dynasty left China and reincarnated to places that didn't have the countries that are there now - they were still rugged wilderness. So most people reincarnated all over the world in a scattered way, and only returned to their places in recent times. People from one dynasty went one place, while people from another dynasty went to another place - that's how it went.[18]

              [1] Minghui is an important site subject to Falun Gong organization, Li Hongzhi stressed regard the attitude of Minghui for important issues, and the website: http//www.minghui.org/

              [2] Tianjian Forum, Let's See How Li Hongzhi Lies about the Problem of His 'the Masters'

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